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What are Lean Experiments?

Lean experiments are fast (and cheap) ways to validate hypotheses.

They help you make better, more informed, de-risked decisions, faster, without spending your valuable resources.

Let's See Two Examples
That Made History


Instagram started as a different app named Burbn, which allowed users to check in, post their plans and share photos.
They saw that the photo sharing part was used, so their assumption was that people are interested in sharing good looking photos online.

The Experiment?

Their Hypothesis: Users will apply filters to make their images look better and share them online.

Their Method: Remove everything else from the Burbn app besides photos, likes and comments, and relaunch the app.

Their Prediction: The number of downloads will increase compared to Burbn.

The Result?

25,000 downloads in the first day.

They kept running experiments and doing micro-pivots ever since and they’re the company we know today.

Village Laundry Service

‍Washing machines are scarce in India, so laundry is primarily done at home or by paid cleaners who wash clothes in river water and hang to dry, often taking over a week to return clothes. Akshay Mehra saw an opportunity to introduce laundry services with modern machines for people who couldn’t afford them.

The Experiment?

Their Hypothesis: Customers would pay to have their laundry cleaned and returned the same day.

Their Method: Drive a truck around town with a washing machine mounted on the back, collect the clothes, wash them and return in a day. (of course, they would take the clothes to HQ where they’d wash them).

Their Prediction: At least 10 people would pay them to wash their clothes the same day.

The Result?

Validated the need, learnt that people didn’t trust a sketchy truck and that customers are willing to pay a premium for a quicker turnaround and ironing.

Through all their validated learning and lean experimentation, Village Laundry Services ended with their final version – a mobile kiosk with its own washer and dryer that could service clothes on site.

And Tiny Bets Helps You
Design, Run & Learn From Them Super Easy

Create your Lean Canvas

Lean Canvas allows thousands of startups to quickly validate their ideas and rapidly pivot into what truly works.

Build your canvas, iterate over it, and run unlimited experiments. It's like having superpowers.

Run Experiments For Each Hypothesis

Some hypotheses can be easily validated, while others need multiple experiments.

Tiny Bets makes it super simple to run any number of experiments for each hypothesis and keeps the data linked and in sync.

Align Your Team Around Objectives

It’s easy to lose the big picture.

But not with Tiny Bets - set overarching objectives so everybody pulls in the same direction.


Lean experiments are fast (and cheap) ways to validate your hypotheses.

They help you make better, more informed, de-risked decisions, faster, without spending your valuable resources.

Tiny Bets helps you run unlimited experiments to validate (or invalidate) any hypothesis.

They’re well structured and they’re following the most up-to-date methodologies available so you move fast.


Not all learnings are created equal.

Tiny Bets helps you build a library of validated learnings that can easily be seen, searched and internalized by everyone on the team.

Project Overview

All your experiments at a glance. What worked, what didn’t and the decisions you made.

All at a glance.

Bank Level Secure

All your data is encrypted both in transit and at rest, using industry standard, bank-level security protocols.

Specifically, we're using TLS for all communication, AES-256 for stored data, and the encryption keys are periodically rotated, so nobody except you can access your data.

We take this very seriously!

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Also, The Knowledge Base

Your step by step guide to great experiments.

Practical Guide, in Plain English

We've distilled our 15+ years experience in easy-to-follow steps so you can run well architected experiments, consistently.

Templates (soon)

To make it easier to start (good and relevant) experiments, Tiny Bets will soon offer a collection of templates you can copy.

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